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New Hammer Films Blog Announces Restored Footage in 1958 Dracula & More

The yet-again-ressurected Hammer Films actually seem to be getting somewhere this time. Not only do they have The Woman In Black on general release very soon (when the trailer came up before SH: A Game of Shadows [personal profile] magister and [personal profile] innerbrat and I all did happy squeals in unison when the gret big Hammer logo appeared; we're all fans of the original and the trailer looked very good indeed) but their restoration team are pulling out some proper gems.

We got the BluRay of the restored Quatermass and the Pit just before Christmas, and it is a stunningly beautiful print. I am now literally salivating at the thought of Plague of the Zombies, which is one of my utter, utter favourites; and the fact that they have found some cut footage to restore to the 1958 Terence Fisher Dracula is just awesome.

If you want to follow the restoration team's blog it is at http://blog.hammerfilms.com/ (or syndicated to DW at [syndicated profile] hammer_films_blog_feed)

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New podcast: My God! It's the Baggage Man!

A podcast about all things geeky, with a focus on entertainment media, and inevitably regressing to a mean of Doctor Who. May contain nuts. Also swearing and perviness.

Aiming to come out weekly on Wednesdays, and hosted here on Dreamwidth at [community profile] mygoditsthebaggageman

First (fairly rough) episode is up now, and covers Doctor Who Live, advertising, James Blunt, Horror Express, whether or not the eighth Doctor is half human, and has an audience participation topic and a competition.

Subscribe to all posts here, or just the episodes here. iTunes subscription option here. You can contact us at baggagemanpodcast@gmail.com, our facebook page is at Baggage Man Podcast, and you can follow us on twitter @baggagemancast.
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Who you gonna call?

There are times when you just really shouldn't revisit your childhood. This evening has been one of them.

I can remember Ghostbusters. It was my favourite film ever when I was a kid. I played the computer game incessantly, knew all the words to the theme tune and could quote whole chunks of dialogue.

I am currently in the process of rewatching the film on Fiver. The only reason I'm still watching is it has the fascination of a train wreck in progress.

It's not just Sigourney's 80s hairstyles. I can forgive the dated special effects, but the terrible dialogue, awful acting and annoyingly dated gender representation really do show the film up in a bad light.

And that's before we get to the slightly more silly than silly plot and poorly contrived set pieces.

There is at least spectacle. The Marshmellow Man should be making an appearance soon. But I'm sure I can remember the jokes being actually funny first time around.

So, am I being overly cynical in my old age, or is this film actually truly awful?
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Booting up

OK, the plan is a series of polls and discussions about our favourite classic films, with an emphasis on the sort of films you'd love a chance to see at a film festival on the big screen.

Posting is moderated for now as I get a feel for the sort of stuff we want up here--I hope to get guest entries from museum staff and similar at some point, so want to make sure quality is high.

Suggestions about criteria for selecting films, etc, very welcome. Of course, this isn't in any way official, so whatever we talk about, there's no guarantee Sarah or Tony can actually get hold of prints to show.